The multidisciplinary journal of academic research and development hereby invites high quality and original research manuscripts of field based studies, experimental or theoretical research, professional review and case studies which are aimed at proffering solution to problem confronting the society or contributing to the development and advancement of knowledge, for publication in its forth coming edition.


  1. All papers submitted for publication must have a title page; the title page should include a regular title of the paper, author(s) full names starting with the first name followed by the middle and surname, institutional affiliation, Corresponding author’s email and phone number.
  2. All manuscript submitted for publication in the Journal must be the original work of the author(s) and is neither published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.
  3. After a double-blinded peer review and acceptance for publication, copyright ownership of the manuscript must be transferred officially to Editorial board of the journal.
  4. Manuscripts must not be less than 5 and not more than 14 pages (including references and abstract, typewritten in Time New Romans font type and 12 point font size on A4 paper with 1.5 line spacing
  5. The study must be supported by citations and references. References must be arranged in alphabetical order and must be consistent with the context citations.
  6. Work not cited in the content should not be listed in the references.
  7. Citations in the manuscripts should adopt the latest (6 0r 7) edition of American Psychological Association (APA) format.
  8. Papers should be submitted electronically to the journal paper submission e-mail (
  9. All the authors are responsible for preparing manuscripts which are clearly written and should contain no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors.
  10. The tone of the article should be very professional, free from the use of clichés, jokes or personal jargons
  11. Authors should ensure that all arithmetic calculations, statistical and numerical data, abbreviations and terminologies are accurate and consistent.
  12. Chemical equations must be written in the modern nomenclature of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
  13. The abstract should not be more than two hundred and fifty words and should contain study background statement, the aim of the study, methodology, the main findings or idea of the discussion as well as conclusion and a recommendation.
  14. The article must be a high quality research paper, which has gathered and integrated relevant and appropriate information from personal experiences, researches, professionals’ publications and academic sources to the development and advancement of knowledge and society.
  15. The Journal is an Open Access journal. Everyone with access to the Internet will have free electronic version of the full text (PDF) of the articles.
  16. Every article submitted to the journal for publication must be accompanied with #3000 paper review fee.
  17. Payment of the compulsory review fee is not a guarantee that submitted paper has been accepted for publication.
  18. Fees and Charges: Authors are charged (#25,000 or US$68) handling fee.
  19. Willingness to pay publication charge is not a guarantee for acceptance as papers will be subjected to screening and peer review process before acceptance decision is taken.
  20. The journal is published biannually; June and December precisely, hence all papers for publication in any issue of the journal must be submitted three months ahead of time.
  21. All papers submitted for publication at a date later than submission deadline attract (#5000) extra processing charge.